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Big If True Radio Show Will Be Using Me As A Life Line

I gasped when I saw this tweet. As many of you know I am not the smartest and trivia will really show my smarts. This puts me in a predicament because I might have to read or like try and study shit. I have gotten by in life by just faking my way through it and this will be a tough one to get through.

I graduated with a public relations degree and a history minor…I couldn’t tell you anything about America’s History. The minor was on accident because I took too many classes with the same teacher and ended up getting a minor out of it. It’s sad but I should almost get more credit for tricking people for this long. The brain power on this show also doesn’t help me. PFT’s brain scares the shit out of me because he is way too quick with responses and can tell you a fullbacks stats from 1969. You also have Tyler whose twitter I just don’t understand. I read his tweets over and over and just cant wrap my head around them. It’s frustrating because I know they are funny and clever but thats my brain. The rest of the cast has way too much knowledge in too many categories and I am set up for a bad situation. I love it though because you will be able to see how slow my brain really works. Who knows I may be smarter then people think or I won’t get a single question right.Make sure to listen M-F 11-12 on Power 85.