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Derrick Rose Has Been On The Court For The 3 Most Gruesome Leg Injuries In The NBA #RoseCurse

Note to NBA players:

If you see Derrick Rose on the court – head back to the locker room.

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Take the DNP.  Take the fine. Take the heat from the fans.  It’ll blow over.  It may take a couple days, maybe a couple weeks, but you know what takes more than a couple weeks?  Walking again after your leg bone snaps in half and protrudes through your leg and the bare exposed bone sticks up in the air towards the rafters.

Poor Derrick Rose. The guy has had the worst luck ever in his career health wise, and now he has to watch not only his OWN body break down, but 3 disgusting gruesome broken legs right in front of him.  Luck so bad it literally transfers to other players around him.  He breaks other people’s bones.

The Rose Curse.

h/t Barry McCockiner, Seth Herlinger, Bob Sucka (the guys whose names are literally included in their tweets)