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Check Out Brock Lesnar Just Launching This Lil Guy Directly Onto His Own Head!

The WWE’s been the absolute shits for a few months now, it’s pretty unbelievably bad, just unwatchable stuff, so I haven’t really watched much (leading to much more MMA coverage if you haven’t have noticed), but I keep up via gifs and little clips here and there and whatnot, and I just saw this one drop in on my timeline. I’ve got no idea the context, why it happened, if the Singh Brother is dead, etc., but I do know this – it was fucking awesome, and oddly aesthetically pleasing – and Brock Lesnar is one of the most terrifying human beings to ever walk the face of this here earth.

Definitely the most terrifying who’s had diverticulitis (tummy aches).

Love it! Enjoy the rest of your night.