Mike Gundy Blames Transfers On Liberals, Snowflakes and Generation Z Let's Gooooooo!

Jack Mac is out sick for a couple of days so I just had to hop in here and get these comments up.  Mike Gundy on a HEATER!!!! FEED IT TO ME COACH!!!!!!

Screen Shot 2018-11-12 at 3.58.53 PM

And the crowd goes wild!

I love it.  Any time you can drop liberalism….Gen Z….AND SNOWFLAKE into the same sound bite,  you hit the motherfucking motherload.  The press conference high score.  And where is he wrong?  Yeah it’s not fair coaches can pack up and leave the second they get a better offer.  College kids should be able to transfer whenever they want, with no restrictions, especially if their coach leaves.  And yeah this may set him up for a bit of recruiting difficulty when he hits the road to sit in the living rooms of…Gen Z.  But what did he say that was incorrect?  That kids today are entitled and non committal and soft and spoiled and butthurt?  Prove he’s wrong.