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Let Me Explain To Redskins Players Why Nobody Likes Going To Redskins Games

So this is a thing that’s happening in Redskins World. Besides being 6-3 and in first place in the NFC East, players are talking about how they like playing on the road more than at home. Josh Norman is the most outspoken about it, saying “we come back to our home and guys…they just don’t really care. They just boo everything. They’re not really behind us.”

Let me address that real quick. The Washington Redskins are not what we once were. The Skins are one of those premier, top tier NFL franchises, for sure. All the history, the 3 Super Bowls, the legendary players and coaches, everything. But then Daniel Snyder bought the team. And after that initial Dan Snyder honeymoon stage where he signed every high priced free agent possible, he’s slowly destroyed the fan base’s hopes and dreams through bad moves, through refusing to hire a GM, and you know, treating everyone like shit.

I once made this list of things Dan Snyder cares more about than winning. It went:

Dan Snyder cares about 1) himself, 2) his ego, 3) making money, 4) peacocking his midget dick around waving it in people’s faces, 5) sucking up to people that are cooler than him so hopefully someone likes him, 6) giving his friend’s children positions in the organization they don’t deserve, 7) suing old ladies, 8) paying his employees way too little, 9) paying players he likes way too much, 10) charging 50 dollars to park 3 miles away, 11) charging 50 dollars to leave tickets at Will Call, 12) cease and desisting our “Fire Dan Snyder” shirt, 13) paying people to pretend to be native americans, 14) forcing them to stand in the pouring rain so he can be like “see, I’m not racist!”, 15) buying a radio station so he can attempt to control the narrative, 16) buying the biggest Redskins fan page so he can attempt to control the narrative, 17) suing a newspaper reporter so he can attempt to control the narrative, 18) creating a “fan-run” Twitter account so he can attempt to control the narrative, 19) hiring a BINGO caller to call plays 20) wearing stupid shoes and socks, 21) demanding to draft Malcolm Kelly, 22) finally hiring a GM and then firing him because he tried too hard to do his job, 23) keeping Vinny Cerrato employed, 24) replacing Vinny with the devil himself Bruce Allen, 25-1,050) other things I can’t think of off the top of my head, 1,051) winning.

Like, this is what the fanbase has had to deal with over the last 15 years. There are right ways and wrong ways to run a team, and Dan Snyder has perfected the wrong way. He has alienated this fan base to no end. Now I’ll say this, it’s not Dan Snyder’s fault that they play at Fed Ex Field. Fed Ex is a dump and it’s the worst to go to. But Snyder hasn’t made it any better. All he does is gauge fans for every last cent (see #10 and 11 above). He has never given fans any reason or incentive to sit in hours of traffic to see subpar teams.

So now that the Skins are 6-3 and in first place, players like Norman and Swearinger are looking around like “where is everyone?” Ummmm, watching from home. Snyder has sucked the joy out of football for so long that eventually people stopped wanting to give Snyder their money. We have given him so much and gotten so little in return. People have dropped their season tickets, they reduced the capacity of the stadium because they stopped selling out, and now people want results before forking over thousands of dollars again. I don’t think it’s too much to ask. The fans are still here. We all know that. The fans haven’t gone away, the Redskins fans are still some of the most passionate in the league, but over the last 2 decades, eventually people just decided enough is enough and nobody can blame them.

I hate going to Fed Ex. I hate giving Dan Snyder money. I love how comfortable my couch is, and I love ordering delivery and watching football from home. But I would be much more willing to attend games if I knew the owner wanted to win as much as I did. If he ran the team like a competent team instead of letting fuckheads like Bruce Allen run the team. Why would I invest in a team that lets Bruce Allen call the shots? It doesn’t make sense.

So that’s why Josh and DJ. That’s why people don’t like going to games. It’s years of being beaten down and dragged by Dan Snyder. We love you guys though. Love the players. And it’s sort of unfair to you guys, we get it. You deserve a full house, screaming and cheering. But Dan Snyder doesn’t, and that’ll take time to change.