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AP Top-25 Voter Graham Couch Is A True American Hero As He'll Refuse To Put Duke In The Top-25

In case the tweet gets lost: This is why Duke won’t be on my AP ballot at some point after the first month. Gotta play a true toad game to be part of the sport. Duke can be No. 1 again after Jan. 8.

You know, it’s times like these where I thank our lucky stars that we have a hero like Graham Couch among us. I mean who else would be strong enough to keep Duke out of the top-25 because K refuses to schedule a true road game? Who cares about the Maui Invitational? Who cares about beating Kentucky’s ass in Indianapolis? Who cares about Texas Tech in New York?

Graham Couch – that’s who doesn’t care.

What this really does is just continue to show what I’ve been screaming for three years now. The AP poll is completely worthless and should never be taken seriously. Don’t ever use it in an argument. Don’t ever use it for anything. It doesn’t matter, because we have takes like this that make me picking Kentucky over Duke seem reasonable. It’s a good thing Couch doesn’t have a history of some awful takes in the last year:

So toast a drink to Graham Couch tonight. He’s the hero that will refuse to keep Duke in our top-25. Not the hero we asked for, but the hero we need.