DeMar DeRozan Found Out He Was Traded To The Spurs While Sitting At Jack In The Box At Midnight

Houston Rockets v San Antonio Spurs

[Bleacher Report] – DeRozan found out about the trade after getting out of a screening of The Equalizer 2, featuring Denzel Washington. Upon leaving the movie theater in Los Angeles late into the night, he checked his phone. “[I] was wondering why I was getting missed calls,” he says.

He was hungry, so he went to get something to eat at a Jack in the Box. In the parking lot, he got the call telling him he had just been traded to San Antonio. “It just caught me off guard,” he says. “I sat in the Jack in the Box parking lot for, like, two hours just trying to process it all, like just trying to process the whole thing, and it just tripped me out honestly, just trying to figure it out, but that’s how I found out. Midnight, sitting in the Jack in the Box parking lot for about two hours till I went home.”

This honestly reads like a madlib. I mean sitting at a Jack in the Box at midnight is hilarious enough for a guy like DeRozan. But, to find out you’re traded from the team that you love playing for is bad enough. To find out at midnight seems even worse. To find out when you’re just trying to munch on some Jack in the Box late night? Well, that seems like worst case scenario.

I know it’s pretty sad, but I can’t stop laughing at the image. It seems too made up to be real. Just sad eating at midnight is never a good image. I’m just trying to picture how this all went down. I need to know what DeRozan was eating too. Just holding a burger I’m assuming. But, how many burgers? Did Kyle Lowry come join him at Jack in the Box?

If I ever get traded from Barstool I sure hope I’m sitting at a Bojangles. That should be the No. 1 choice for fast food places to be at when you find out you’re being traded.