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Notre Dame Wide Out Chris Finke Confirmed Bird Guy

Chris Finke has a hell of a story about having only 12 catches in high school and ends up walking on to Notre Dame, then ends up being a starting Wide Receiver. His team is also number 3 in the nation which is guess pretty good. I am not here to tell you about his story though, I am here to tell you about his bird. Bird guys are hot in the streets.

This is what sports needs, a bird guy. His interview may have confirmed bird guys are weird but I loved every second of it. Him and his brother observing the pigeons in New York was so weird but picturing that in my head was fantastic. He must have studied these things for a while, his bird dance is broken down and perfected. I need to meet this guy and we have to sit down with our birds. Just picturing me sitting with my bird on a broom and his bird chirpy on his shoulder might break the internet. I do have to say my guy Rudy alphas his bird Chirpy but can definetly still have some chemistry.

On a serious note his story is actually insane and seems like he’s the most down to earth guy, I mean he’s cracking knock knock jokes to crowds.  I feel like I can help him a little bit with the bird walk but we can talk about. Once this gets done there is no stopping this guy. We may even be able to change the narrative on the worlds consensus on bird people.