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I Must Admit It, Jerry Jones Was Right About The Cowboys All Along

I must apologize. When you’re wrong, you’re wrong. Just last week I was talking about how I wanted to kiss Jerry Jones on the mouth for saying Dak is going to get extended and how he won’t fire Jason Garrett. Well, egg on my face. Jerry was right, I was wrong. He should give Dak and Jason Garrett those extensions right now. I mean, Dak threw for close to 300 yards last night and Jason Garrett remembered he had Zeke Elliot on the roster and gave him 25 touches (19 carries and 6 catches). Giving the ball to the running back you drafted 4th overall is such an outside of the box coaching move that Jerry has no choice but to keep Garrett around.

Rooting for the Cowboys to win last night (for the sake of the Redskins) wasn’t easy. But they rallied behind Garrett and Scott Linehan and Dak and willed themselves to victory in Philadelphia. Wins like that don’t come around too often, so you wouldn’t want to break up what works. And Jerry Jones seems to agree.

Jerry Jones can’t get rid of Jason Garrett and Linehan after the season when he put together a win like last night’s. He needs more time with Dak and Amari and Zeke. They’re just getting started. Here’s to them having 8 more years in Dallas.