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The Best Movies From Each State: Results For Kansas, Voting For Kentucky

Movie States in line

The results from the sixteenth installment of my totally normal and not insane 51 week study of the top three movies from each state are IN. Remember everyone got three votes, so the percentages reflect how many times they appeared on every individual vote. For the Sunflower State, this is what y’all chose.

3. Superman (80%)

RIP Christopher Reeve, absolute legend.

2. Dances With Wolves

Fuck this entirely. Educational-ass movie.

1. The Wizard of Oz

Pretty touch not to pick this considering the marquee line.

Here is the breakdown of how y’all voted.


Not really any surprises here, although I’d say that Capote is probably the best total movie out of this bunch. Anyway, on to the Bluegrass state, Kentucky. Reminder, if you don’t see a movie you like on the list, write it in. If you tweet me or complain, you automatically owe me $1,ooo. Sorry, that’s the user agreement you are signing by reading this blog. If the embedded form doesn’t work on your device, click here.