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Two Formula 1 Drivers Were Upset They Got In A Crash So They Tried To Fight Each Other After The Race

I’m actually surprised this stuff doesn’t happen more. When you think about it, racing is essentially sanctioned road rage. You have a couple dozen cars all vying for the same spot, the only difference is the person who gets it ends up with a big bag of cash. This guy got emotional and followed up on a beep. I get it. As far as the actual crash goes, it’s tough to tell who was in the wrong…

My gut tells me the guy who got passed (also the guy who started the fight) should’ve backed off. Once you’re in the other car’s blind spot you lose your place. Those are the rules. Then again, I know nothing about racing etiquette, so I could be wrong. The only reason I wrote this piece in the first place was because they fought. If they didn’t fight, I’d have no idea about this race and you wouldn’t either. So I guess this settles the age old question of “Is fighting good for racing?”

Hopefully these two are able to put their differences aside and realize what a good thing they just did for the sport. The more fighting the better as far as I’m concerned.