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NSFW Because Nipples: Topless Protester Jumped In Front Of Trump's Motorcade

No idea what that’s all about but the Jaguars blew another game they should have won and now the season is over. I would have had hope if they pulled this one off. 4-5 you can make a run. 3-6 and you’re looking at mock drafts. I’m looking at mock drafts.

Anyway, titties out is a way to garner some attention. If I see that in a headline, odds are that I click. Gross boobs. Good boobs. Doesnt matter. I’m clicking. That’s the thing about protest titties. You never really know until you click. Now that you’re here, think about the point they were trying to make. Dont just look at the titties and then move on. That’s what a pervert would do. You’re not a pervert, right?

I’ll give you a timer to think about the war crime sign.

Damn. That’s deep.

Kinda cool that in France you can do whatever you want with your tits because they’re your tits. Not bad. #FreeTheNipple