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This Utah Jazz Fan Simply Cannot Be From The Same World We All Live In

Wait, I thought Joe Ingles wore #2? I mean this guy simply cannot be from the same world you and I exist in. You would think one of his eight wives would have said SOMETHING when he left his house today dressed like he was going to get some run in the game tonight. You know this guy has been thinking about tonight all day long. I assume he wore that jersey/shorts combo under his suit to work and psyched himself out in the mirror at least fives times before tip-off. If I’m Quinn Snyder, you have to put him in.

I’ve watched the tape trying to break down his dance moves and I’ve got nothing folks. He’s got a little stanky leg going on in the beginning before doing some sort of wave maneuver and something with his forehead. He probably blacked out in the moment and thought he nailed it, and I won’t be the one to tell him otherwise. I hope to God he came alone and that kid sitting next to him wasn’t blood related. Although, I guess everyone in Utah is technically blood related. Need this guy at the next party I’m at. I love him.

P.S. Now we go to bed and pray this isn’t a Pres/Hot Dog kid situation