I'll Never Not Laugh At A Good NBA Rookie Popcorn Prank

The one thing that will never make sense to me is as an NBA rookie, why on earth are you spending money on an expensive car. I know you are flush with all this money, but do none of these dudes have the internet/brain? You really think you are going to be able to avoid the NBA tradition of getting your car filled with popcorn? Well as Jeremy Lin shows us in the video above, the Hawks rookies are the latest victims.

I know they laugh it off, but this would make me so goddamn mad. You’re not getting all that popcorn out of your car and I don’t care how many times you get it detailed. Years from now you’re going to be driving around and find a stray kernel. That’s just the reality. That’s why you have to know this thing is coming and wait until Year 2 to get your expensive whip. Who cares if you fill a beater up with popcorn, but imagine walking out and seeing your beautiful R8 filled to the roof with this shit? Brutal

I’m also curious as to what happens immediately after this prank. What does Trae Young do here? Does he just shovel a shit ton of popcorn on the ground so he can get in and then is driving around with a car 60% filled with it? I mean that is so much goddamn popcorn I feel like I would just leave my car there forever. Let someone else worry about it. You know the vets aren’t paying for that detailing bill either, so while I would want to laugh this off, on the inside I’d be raging.

But seeing as how I am not an NBA rookie, I love these. Can’t get enough of them and I don’t know why. Maybe it’s my simple brain, but I’ve loved these each and every year they come out.

So let this be a lesson to all potential rookies entering the league next year. Don’t be stupid and get a fancy car next season because you are 100% getting popcorn’d.