Netflix Is Making It's Own Planet Earth Documentary Called "Our Planet" And Already Released A Teaser For It

Look at the good of people at Netflix reminding you and I how much they love us by adding an absolutely incredible 8-part nature documentary to their vast library. Would I prefer that this came out during February when football is over, the NBA is in its dog days, college basketball hasn’t reached the madness crescendo, and it’s cold as hell outside instead of riiiiiight as baseball opens up? Of course. But beggars can’t be choosers. Plus Sir David Attenborough getting all cheeky on our asses by dropping in from the rafters like Sting at the very end and changing from a BBC jersey to a Netflix jersey right in front of our ears while letting us know that he will be narrating this doc was an incredible hammer to end the teaser with.

To be honest, I was all-in on this from the jump because these Planet Earth type documentaries is to TV what Bad Lip Reading videos are to the internet. Easy to watch, entertaining, and always a crowd pleaser. Sure one is as fake as it gets and while the other is real as fuuuuuuuck. But I will blindly give my viewer eyeballs to any piece of content that opens with a blessing of narwhals on the screen. I bet you didn’t know that a group of narwhals is called a blessing until now. Consider that your Friday Fun Fact as well as the most accurate group name outside of a murder of crows because narwhals are the kindest creatures on Earth.


I may no longer in the phase of my life where I would get zooted to Neptune and stare at my TV for hours marveling at every last megapixel of the planet while also getting a little scared at how fucked up nature is. But as a parent, there is no better show to watch with your kids once you have lost your mind watching nothing but Bubble Guppies and Paw Patrol for a month straight. Yeah it’s tough to have the talk with your kids why that cute little bunny they were watching ended up in a fox’s mouth. But other than that, there is nothing I’d rather have watch my kids with me than Sir David Attenborough’s wonderful voice. And since Netflix gives us all our shows at once, I don’t have to wait from one week to the next to go from the rainforest to the desert to the ocean or for the DVR to fill up. Instead we will be getting a bukakke of nature instead of a slow dribble. Looking back, I probably could’ve and should’ve used waterfall instead of bukakke, but I’m just really excited we are getting some fresh nature scenes that will cause my brain to explode multiple times just thinking that they caught this footage in the wild.