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Illinois Star Trent Frazier Narcs On Himself To The Ref To Help Evansville Keep The Ball

What in the hell is this? I’m everything from mad to shocked after watching this. I can’t believe we actually have a player helping a ref out here. Really it’s just showing me that I can’t trust Trent Frazier or Illinois – a team I actually like this year in the Big 10. It’s not even like it happened during a blowout.

I’m really starting to think this is just classic millennial behavior. Think about the days of the old Big East and the old Big 10. This would never happen. You think Kendal Gill would be out here narcing on himself? Absolutely not. He’d yell at the ref that it was off of Evansville and demand the ball. Also makes me wonder if Trent Frazier watched too much TV. I mean he’s out here acting out this exact commercial:

Can’t trust them. Have to go back to the drawing board and might have to put Illinois last in the Big 10 now.