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Marty Mush Thursday Gambling Slate

The new YTD is 41-30-2 with a tough night yesterday but were back on the horse today.


Panthers @ Steelers -3.5

We finally have a good Thursday night game, both of these teams are on a roll. The Panthers are steam rolling teams and I think their offense is scary good with the weapon of McCaffrey in the backfield. He brings terror to other defenses because he can do so many things. The Steelers offense is scary good as well. We all know about their receivers but James Connor is having a season for the ages. I think this game comes down to defense and I think the Panthers come out on top in that category.

Pick – Panthers +3.5 


The Celtics are on a bit of a skid losing two in a row and the Suns are having a miserable season. This is a game where the Celtics gain confidence back and blow out the Suns. Devin Booker will be taken care of and thats the only player I am worried about. Ayton hasn’t been anything special so look for the Celtics to win by 15.

Pick – Celtics -9.5 

Clippers @ Trailblazers -5.5

The Clippers are on a little bit of a streak here but I love the Blazers here. I don’t think they have anyone to take down Lillard and McCollum. That back court is too good to stay with all night and they win by 10. If you take anything from here, take the Blazers. That will be my max bet.

Pick – TrailBlazers -5.5

I will be taking the NCAAB off tonight as the games are dog shit. If I did have to take something it would be Notre Dame -30. They will beat Chicago State by a at east 45. Mush To The Moon.