Just So We're Clear, TMZ Cut Ray Rice, Not The Ravens





Kind of a head scratcher that people are applauding this move by the Ravens. They got caught in a coverup and now they’re saving face any way they can. This is crisis management, not “we’re doing the morally right thing”. The morally right thing would have been to cut him back when it happened. Or maybe don’t send this tweet slyly implying that Ray Rice was provoked by a woman who weighs 120 pounds less than he does.





Just weird that anyone would say good job Ravens. That’s like applauding Centerplate for firing Des Hauge even though it took them forever to do so. If anyone should be applauded here its TMZ. Love them or hate them  they at least serve a purpose in 2014. Cover ups are impossible at this point. TMZ will find the tape and release it, end of story. So good job to them.