Steph Curry Taking Deep 3s This Year Has Been More Efficient Than Players Dunking

Washington Wizards v Golden State Warriors

NBC Sports

On that night, Curry took eight 3-pointers from 28 feet and beyond, and made six of them. This season, per Basketball-Reference tracking, Curry has taken 25 3-pointers from this area and made a jaw-dropping 16 of them. That’s a conversion rate of 64 percent — on shots near the halfcourt logo.

Brooks calls them layups. But if you do the math, they’re more like dunks. The bonus point within a 3-pointer means that on these deep 3s, Curry is averaging 1.92 points per attempt this season. Dunk attempts are averaging 1.82 points this season, according to tracking.

Yes, Curry launching from deep this season has been a smidge more efficient than a friggin’ dunk.

So here I am surfing the inter-webs when I come across a basketball stat that stopped me in my tracks. When Steph Curry is taking shots from 28 feet out or more, which is near the half court logo keep in mind (five feet at least from the 3 point line), he is scoring more points on average per shot than an NBA player is dunking the basketball. What…

Now some of you asshole will say “well duh, a three point shot is worth man than a dunk so obviously you’ll score more.” No, you’re not getting it. This isn’t just a three point shot, this is in the vicinity of half court and he’s doing it more efficiently than when a player dunks the basketball, something that should be successful every time it’s attempted. Curry is the Mozart of basketball, nothing else needs to be said. Sure the Warriors are the worst with how they’ve destroyed the sport, but Curry this year has been hilarious to watch. What he did to the Washington Wizards in 3 quarters should be deemed illegal. I watched it last night in bed just for fun.

These are easier than dunks. DUNKS. You’ve got your asshole Trae Youngs out there trying to copy cat him and it’s just not going to work. There will never be anyone like Steph, people who nitpick him because of his mouthguard or how he points to God all the time are just taking for granted what he’s doing.

For the record, I’m not a Warriors fan, I’m a miserable Knicks fan and had to watch Tim Hardaway score 30+ to beat the Hawks and further fuck our chances of Barrett and Zion. Tim Hardaway Jr. is a terrorist to the Knicks, he needs to go elsewhere. One of the bigger what ifs in my life will always be if he fell one more spot in 2009 and came to New York. Actually, his ankle problem would have problem continued and already ended his career because of the luck that franchise has. Never mind…

Steph also hit this shot that didn’t count in that Wizards game which caused me to believe he is a sorcerer and not actually a moral human.