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Dad Of The Year Pushes His Kid To The Ground To Help Him Make A Save In Soccer

LOVE IT. Amazing stuff outta that Dad there. I feel like people are gonna be mad about this because everybody sucks now and everything has to be a controversy. Like there are gonna be people on Twitter calling for Social Services to be knocking on that Dad’s door for child abuse but that was hilarious. That got a good ol’ fashioned LOL outta me. Not even the LOL where you pretend to LOL but then don’t actually LOL. I actually LOLed. That’s how funny I thought that video was. By the way, I’m not a parent but that’s just good parenting. You want a winner, you gotta raise a winner. That dumb kid should’ve been paying attention. He can’t look away any time his Dad is around. Grow up kid. Keep your head in the game at all times and maybe you won’t get shoved to the ground by pops and embarrassed in front of your friends. Tough love is still love. And yeah the other team ended up scoring anyway but I bet that wouldn’t have happened if the kid had been paying attention from the beginning. Lesson learned.