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Kyrie's Sit Down With Shams Is Worth A Watch

Honest question, who do you think was more excited about this, Shams that he got to sit down with Kyrie, or Kyrie that he got to sit down with the ShamGod himself? That suave sonofabitch Shams it had to be Kyrie. Anyway, the first think I noticed was this interview was held pre-haircut, so a lot has changed for Kyrie since whenever this initially took place. The one constant theme about this year’s version of Kyrie is he has essentially cut out all the word vomit and bullshit nonsense when giving interviews and actually sounds like a real person. From an entertainment standpoint I don’t love that, personally I loved when Kyrie gave answers like he was tripping on LSD, but there were a number of things we heard from him here that stood out to me.

– As expected, he wasn’t going to trash the Cavs too bad. He talked about how he knew he had to get out to grow and all that shit, but anyone who thought when asked about LeBron that he was going to trash him hasn’t really paid attention to how Kyrie has handled that whole situation

– I laughed when he said he didn’t want to talk like he was some deep philosophical person. Sounds to me like he even knew he used to be on some bullshit with how he used to talk to reporters. Again, I say bring that dude back because he’s fun as hell

– Obviously the biggest part of this entire interview for me was when they got to the commitment to the Celtics. I’m sure there are still haters and losers out there that are holding out hope he will go back on his word. Well, here’s just another example of him publicly talking about how this is where he plans to be for the foreseeable future, and to be honest I need to hear it as much as possible for my nerves to quiet down. While still understanding that nothing is set in stone until he signs the dotted line, you can’t go out and keep talking like this if you aren’t actually going to stay

– I, too hope this is not the best Kyrie will ever be at just 26 years old. Especially with the amount of years/money the Celtics are going to give him

– It’s great that Kyrie accepts his role as the leader of this team, and now that we have a small sample of the actual games we can see that this isn’t just him talking the talk. I would say after their early struggles that Kyrie without a doubt stepped up and elevated his game to a level we all expect. He is leading my example, whether it’s diving on the floor, or showing up when it matters, those are the things I want from a leader of my favorite team. It’s one thing to talk about it, but so far Kyrie has made sure to be about it as well. The next level for me is as the leader, figure out how to get Jayson Tatum out of his slump and Gordon feeling comfortable with this team. Cross those off and now we’re cooking.

It is pretty crazy when you think about it that Kyrie is just 26 years old given all that he has accomplished, and now that he’s maturing enough to actually give real honest answers, I would say he’s pretty much a must listen to any time one of these sit downs happen.