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This Kid Had A Blast At The Emily Ratajkowski Game Last Night

Last night wasn’t a Los Angeles Lakers game despite it being billed as one against the Dallas Mavericks. It was an Emily Ratajkowski game. She stole the show right out from under LeBron James. She’s a generational talent that people can’t take their eyes off of. People were far more interested in what Emily Rata was doing than the LeBron-led 5-6 Lakers. Especially that little kid. He had the night of his life. Look at that smile! There isn’t a Before picture of him looking at Emily Rata’s bum but we all know that’s what happened right before the picture was taken. He turned around in his seat, saw Emily Rata’s derrière and was swiftly whisked off into Puberty Land.

His dad could learn a thing or two from his son on how to catch a glance of an attractive woman’s butt without getting caught. Dad got caught slippin and now the back of his head is all over the internet. Anyway. I just wanted to say I’m happy for that kid. It might end up being a curse because that’ll end up being the best moment of his entire life but good for him.