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The Latest New York Sports Radio Feud Is Mike Francesa Vs. Gregg Giannotti

Are you not entertained? ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED? IS THIS NOT WHY YOU ARE HERE?!? Most radio hosts would celebrate the same day their old nemesis was dealt a guilty verdict that carries up to a 45 year jail sentence. But not Numbah One. He wasn’t gloating or resting on his laurels. No, no, no. He is onto the next challenge, which is pretty much the same as the old challenge where he fights against the morning show. Now he is facing Boomer & Gio instead of Boomer & Carton. But it’s still friendly fire against a fellow WFAN show, and as everyone knows from the numbers that Nate vs. Smitty part 1,057,276 brought in, interoffice drama is GREAT for business.

Now as a lifelong Mike Francesa fan, I will admit I am a little werried*. Fighting a media war is crazy. Fighting a 2-front media war against people on your own station and a a newspaper reporter is nuts. But fighting a 2-front media war where one of those fronts involves a radio personality that does good impressions is flat out bonkers. Battling an impression guy on the radio is like battling a shapeshifter in real life. Nobody will know who the real Mike is and who the fake Mike is. Pure audio chaos breaking out on 660 every single day followed by it being reported in the newspapers. But I guess when you are atop the ratings books forever, you fear no man or media entity. If that means spilling the tea on in-house fights and calling your coworkers talentless, so be it. Resumes, longevity, ratings, paychecks, the Mink Man, and gutter wars. That’s what Numbah One does.