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Paul Pierce Becomes The First Person To Forget The Cavs Are An NBA Team And Duke Is A College Team

Oh, yes. This is what I’m here for. Give me all the dumb hypotheticals like can a college team beat a pro team. They are always my favorite. This time though it comes from Paul Pierce, who I now question even more. How can you actually think Duke can beat the Cavs?

Sure, I get it. The name of the game is to get pageviews. Perhaps that’s what Paul Pierce is doing here. But, to think a team that is starting Marques Bolden and really playing just 7 guys, some of which will never sniff the league can beat a pro team? That’s silly. The Cavs would win by double digits, even with Collin Sexton playing 40 minutes.

Luckily we have someone in Chauncey Billups who just shuts Paul Pierce down like it’s the Eastern Conference Finals all over again. The problem with this argument and it’s one that’s said all the time. Duke has 4 pros on the roster. The Cavs have 15. That tends to be important, no matter how good RJ Barrett, Zion Williamson and Cam Reddish are.

Let’s just put an end to this argument right now.