New York Rangers Owner Was Dominating Candy Crush During Playoff Action Last Night




Who needs playoff hockey action when you can join in with the millions of other suburban Moms and feel the rush of Candy Crush? These pics of NYR owner James Dolan were texted to me last night by a loyal Stoolie in the adjacent suite and I couldn’t believe my eyes. Sometimes you get disinterested people (women) in the bleachers turning to apps to pass the time, but for an owner of a franchise to blatantly disregard his team DURING THE PLAYOFFS shows one’s true colors. All about the green baby. Dolan probably liked the loss because there’s more of a chance the series will go to 7 and MSG will get another game. Another cool million in the bank.

Oh, and he also left with 10 minutes to go with his team down by 1 in a playoff game. Say what you will about Eddie Snyder, but we all damn well know he was living and dying with every shift. And living is not easy for that man at his age.