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Millennials Killed Not Going To Libraries.

THE DENVER POST – …Research confirms Baker and his twentysomething pals aren’t outliers in their reverence for public libraries. A message popularized by every ’90s kid’s favorite cartoon aardvark has seeped into the collective millennial brain, according to a Pew Research study: “Having fun isn’t hard when you’ve got a library card.”

Nationally, millennials are the generation most likely to use public libraries, the Pew study found. The 2016 data show 53 percent of those aged 18 to 35 said they had used a public library or bookmobile in the previous 12 months, compared to 45 percent of Gen Xers, 43 percent of baby boomers and 36 percent of those in the Silent Generation. The survey question was worded to focus on public libraries, not libraries on college campuses.

Live look at the hardworking humble folks at Amazon and Barnes and Noble:

Shocker, millennials have no respect for people with jobs and work ethic.  They don’t care about how hard the robots at Amazon slave away being programmed to glide through a 50 gajillion square foot warehouse to find online orders.  They don’t give a shit that Jeff Bezos is grinding away every day for a measly $156 billion salary trying to provide everyone with novels set at just the right price to undercut local bookstores.  Do you know how hard he has worked to drive mom and pop shops out of business?  Monopoly conglomerates don’t just grow over night.

Nope, cheap, broke millennials who spend more time on SnapFace than they do looking for a job just head on over to their public library to get free books and free wifi and free everything.  Do they still have free VHS tapes?  Probably take those free too.  Probably have little hipster VCRs in their Brooklyn studios next to their record players.   They say hi to Doris the cardigan sporting librarian, hand over their 35 cent late fee for accidentally holding on to Tropic of Cancer for 17 years past due, and go right about their theft of intellectual property.  It’s actually amazing how far they will stoop to to disrupt working class folk.

When 23-year-old Curt Baker had two buddies visiting from Arkansas over to his new Denver digs last week, he knew there was one spot everyone had to check out: the Denver Central Library.

“I’ve only lived here about a month, but I love the connections and public resources available here at the library,” Baker said Friday afternoon at the public library’s downtown location. “We all really like libraries, so I thought I’d show my friends while we explore the city.”

Baker has joined social events at the Denver Central Library that encourage conversations over coffee and donuts, and is using the downtown location’s printers and free Wi-Fi as he applies for jobs.

“While he applies for jobs” lol yeahokay.  Looks like it’s not just Amazon they don’t care about, it’s Internet Explorer and Hewlett Packard too.

Hey look, it’s Barnes and Noble.

Screen Shot 2018-11-08 at 10.52.01 AM

Not to mention, it’s just another example of millennials being low class and grimy.  You walk into my apartment, what do you see?  Rows and rows of hardcover books.  You literally can’t even see the girls’ panties drop it happens so fast.  The smell of the mahogany shelving lined with fiction, non fiction, that one self help book I got for when I was super depressed, short stories, classic literature, experimental form writing.  97% of them have never been opened too so you know they’re fresh and radiating that new book smell.  That’s what class looks like.  Something millennials can’t fathom.   They’ve got one thing on their shelf, an iPad with Safari open to the Supreme home page.