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An Ungrateful Guy Is Mad That Someone Keeps Sending Free Soup To His Apartment

Get a load of this ungrateful asshole. Rough life dude. Somebody keeps sending him free soup all the time. Brutal. That sounds like one of the best problems a person could ever have. How about him saying he doesn’t like soup? Not liking soup isn’t a thing. Soup is like music. You might not like every type of music but everybody likes a certain type of music. There’s not a single person out there who flat out doesn’t like music. It’s not an option. Same goes for soup. You might not like pea soup but you like clam chowder. Like music, there are different soups for different moods. This guy expects us to believe he hates every single kind of soup that has ever been made? Please. No bigger lie has ever been told. Chicken tortilla soup? Tomato soup? Broccoli cheddar? All great soups. I dare this guy to say he doesn’t like French onion soup with a straight face. I’d punch him in the face if he did.

I will say, “soup for my perfect little soup boy” is kinda creepy. Those are the words of a person who might be a stalker and might murder him in his sleep. There’s a very good chance he wakes up in the middle of the night one of these days and hears an old lady whispering, “soup for my perfect little soup boy” in the living room but whatever. Deal with it. It’s free soup! Soup is goddamn delicious. There are starving people around the world who would kill to have free soup delivered to them on a daily basis. Bet they wouldn’t be complaining about it.