We Had 3 Potential Dunks Of The Year Last Night In The NBA, But Which One Was The Best?

Screen Shot 2018-11-08 at 9.38.27 AM

Let’s meet the candidates. Last night we had three wildly impressive dunks of three different variates. We had big on big crime. We had a guard dunking on a rookie. We had a pose. We had it all. I will always enjoy the massive dunk, especially when it involves big time names.

So candidate 1: Domantas Sabonis over Joel Embiid

I blogged this one last night because Joel Embiid deserves blogs. But, how about Sabonis here? Remember, the knock on him was that he wasn’t athletic and had short arms. Don’t see any of that here. He made sure to just attack Embiid and yam all over him.

Candidate 2: Donovan Mitchell past Luka and a friend

Poor Luka had no chance to stay in front of Donovan Mitchell here. Absolutely none. You can tell he has professional experience though as he made sure to make a business decision and not jump. He really wanted to but you can see at the last moment he pulls back and just stands there. Let your friend take the hit for you, Luka. Smart playing. But, my God, Donovan. Not only did he eye this up he did it while wearing the cleanest jersey in the game.

Candidate 3: Aaron Gordon paying homage to Karl Malone

This is just so damn cool. Yeah, it’s not necessarily as flashy as Mitchell or Sabonis because it didn’t involve another human. But, pulling out the Mailman pose on an alley-oop is so fucking cocky and awesome. That’s just Aaron Gordon showing that he can hang in the air as long as he pleases, pose and then still complete any dunk.

So I ask you. Which one is the best? Personally, I think I’m going with Mitchell. The beating of Luka off the bounce and then just his bunnies will always be impressive to me. Let me know which one you’re voting for.