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We Now Have Hockey Uniforms For Every NFL Team, So I Had To Rank Them Too

Ferry Designs is at it again. Guy or girl, I don’t know who the hell is behind this account but I love them and I want to spend the rest of my days watching them design hockey jerseys for teams who will never wear them. Earlier this week the account released pictures of hockey uniforms for every MLB team and I needed a new pair of pants, this week it’s the NFL and once again, I need a new pair of pants. So here is my top 10.

1.) Patriots

2.) Chiefs

3.) Vikings

4.) Dolphins

5.) Eagles

6.) 49ers

7.) Browns

8.) Rams

9.) Redskins

10.) Bears

-This was 10x tougher than the MLB blog. Basically, every single one of these is fire so it was tough to narrow it down to 10. I had to lead off with the Patriots. I think its obvious they have the best jerseys, color scheme, the whole nine yards. Really solid uniforms, zero flaws. They win at everything including hockey uniforms.

-Next up is the Chiefs. I mean, anytime you see ‘Chiefs’ plastered on the front of a hockey jersey I’m in. Mix that with the Kansas City Chiefs color scheme, I’m sold.

-Like I said in the MLB blog, you don’t often see all purple hockey jerseys. So I like these Vikings unis a lot. The Vikings NFL jerseys are sick too, so it makes sense that their hockey unis are awesome. Purple and yellow is one hell of a color scheme because the Ravens unis don’t look half as cool.

-The Dolphins unis speak for themselves. Hell of a color scheme. Don’t know how it would look on ice but I’m willing to take that risk.

-The Eagles jerseys kind of remind me of the St. Pats Leafs jerseys and those are awesome. I hate the Eagles though, so they are lucky I’m in a good mood today and put them on this list. These unis are too great to keep off though.

-I have always been an advocate of no white gloves so it is pretty tough for me to put the 49ers on this list with them wearing whites but you can’t deny those jerseys at all. I actually think the white gloves looks pretty decent here too, puts a nice touch on the uniform.

-When was the last time you saw Brown and Orange colored uniforms in a hockey rink? (Try to forget the Brown University hockey team) but these kind of remind me a bit of their uniforms, so I like them. Slap a dog on the front and I’m all in.

-The Rams have fire NFL jerseys which has led to some pretty fire hockey unis. May take some time to get used to the yellow gloves and I could probably do without those but nonetheless, I’m a fan.

-I don’t know why I like the Redskins unis so much here but I do. They are kind of boring but the color scheme is pretty bad ass and you really don’t see many hockey uniforms that color.

-I like the Bears….I do. I just wish they stood out a little more. Maybe a little white mixed in would do them some good. I think Blue and Orange looks great on the ice though so these aren’t too shabby.

Overall, it’s tough to pick just 10 out of all of these but I think these are the strongest. Like I said in the last blog too, even if it was for warmups, I’d love to see an NHL team rock these. I’d certainly enjoy watching the Bruins play a full game in Patriots unis, that is for sure.