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Smokebro Of The Day, Celeb Edition: Viggo Mortensen

One of the things I’ve been most looking forward to on the new Chicks site is openly ogling over dudes like the guys do over the lay-dees on the other page. Welp, it’s my time to shine & I can think of no better place to start than my #1 smokebro dream celebrity – Viggo Mortensen.

Glad to say he’s been all over my timeline today for his upcoming role in Green Book (which looks wonderful BTW)…

…and that led me down a major rabbit hole so here we are. Without any class, shame or further ado:

::Jumps on the dirty recliner here like Tom Cruz on Oprah’s couch::

HOT DAMN it’s Viggo Mortensen time!

Here he is feeding a miniature pony some oats from his hand for… reasons? Whatever, still very into it. Would absolutely eat oats out of his bare hands.

Holding a puppy? YES.

Have mercy, he’s an artist, too… Paint me like one of your French Girls, V.

Lord, I’d like a ring from you.

A little throwback action.


You get the idea.

Since no one asked, let me tell you that I first fell for him during Eastern Promises. He’s tough, sexy, intelligent, takes risks, does the right things at the risk of his own life… and lest we forget the bath house fight scene…

All that aside, he’s an extremely accomplished actor & seems like a genuinely good person, too. This NY Times profile on him by Thessaly La Force was a fantastic look beyond the set that made me admire him even more.

Pretty sure he’s out of my league, but a gal can dream.