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Wednesday Afternoon NBA Time Waster: Best Plays From Week 3

Golden State Warriors v Chicago Bulls

Alright everybody it’s around that time of the day where we all need something mindless to watch to get us to the end of the work day. Wednesdays are always a grind, especially if you lost money last night betting the first night of college hoops. If that was your reality today I can only imagine how hard you’ve had to struggle making it through. The good news is we’re half way through and maybe you’ll be lucky enough to leave the office early on Friday while it’s still light out. Basically the work week is over if you can just make it a little longer.

That’s why for today we’re keeping it simple. Each and every week so far this season seems to be better than the one before, and Week 3 was certainly no exception. We had Klay going crazy all without dribbling, some 360 reverse alley oops, vintage DRose made an appearance, Lance did Lance things, all in all it was another great week of plays. So what better way to kill the last 12 minutes of your day than to sit back, hit play, and ignore everything else around you for one final escape

I think it’s safe to say that from a crazy play perspective this young season has absolutely lived up to the hype. Just know as long as more things keep happening and the NBA does me a solid and combines them in one nicely packaged video, I’ll make sure to bring them to you so we can all avoid working together.

Great job today everyone, see you again tomorrow afternoon.