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The Celtics Got an Inspirational Talk from ... Peyton Manning?

Source - On Monday in Denver, [Peyton] Manning joined the Celtics as they reviewed film to prepare for their game against the Nuggets that night.

Celtics assistant coach Micah Shrewsberry said that even though Manning did not fully grasp what he was watching, it was clear how much he enjoyed being back in that competitive environment.

Celtics coach Brad Stevens said of Manning, with a smile: “He’s one of the better film watchers I’ve ever been around.”

Manning and Stevens have been friends since Manning played for the Colts and Stevens coached at Butler University.

Manning also addressed the Celtics as a group on Monday. Shrewsberry said he told the team about how important it was for him to grow and learn from playoff losses prior to eventually winning a Super Bowl in 2006. Also, he told them that they should cherish their bond as a team—the road trips, the intense games, the camaraderie — because nothing can really replace it.

Peyton Manning is one of the best watchers of the Super Bowl I’ve ever been around! Amirite? Huh? Up high! Sigh. Before he got that last ring, dropping lines like that used to be a lot more fun. Moving on …

On one level, I get this. I’ve talked to Pat McAfee enough to understand that Indiana is one of those places where basically everybody knows everybody else. So the coach of Butler knows the Colts quarterback who knows John Mellencamp who knows Larry Bird who knows Li’l Sebastian who knows Mike Pence who knows Bobby Knight who knows the One-Hit Wonder that did “Indiana Wants Me.” So I shouldn’t be shocked if Brad Stevens invites Manning to hang out with his team when they’re in Denver.

But do you really want him giving them advice? It took him six seasons and four trips to the postseason before he won a playoff game. Nine years before he won a title. He was bounced in his team’s first game nine times. In his second year he went 13-3 and in his fourth he went 6-10. Is that the kind of career growth you want a young team filled with Jaylen Browns and Jayson Tatums to aspire to? I mean sure, you have to learn to overcome adversity. But that’s a bit more adversity than anyone around here is bargaining for.

Not to mention I don’t think you want him as an example to a locker room full of impressionable guys. Manning’s tainted past of putting his … well, his taint … on a female trainer at Tennessee. The smear campaigns his family carried out against his victim. The fact his best season followed the season he lost to neck surgery and just happened to coincide with his wife getting packages of HGH sent to her by a crooked PED clinic. The goon squad that subsequently showed up at his accuser’s parents’ house, making them think they were the police. Not to mention his relationship with notorious racist Papa John. That’s a pretty bad hombre to have giving pep talks to your organization, no matter what walk of line of work you’re in.

You do what you want, Brad Stevens, and I won’t criticize. But if it’s a winner you need – who does things the right way – dispensing advice to your team, there’s one available who works a half hour south down Rte. 95.