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Dude Strolling To Work Gets Absolutely Bodied By A Wild Boar In The Street

That sucks man. It really does. I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy. One second he’s walking to his stupid job with his stupid briefcase wearing his stupid suit and then a wild boar comes across the middle and bodies him like a young Lawrence Taylor. Nobody deserves to have their commute worsened by wild boar assault. Nobody. The wild boar didn’t stop there either. The wild boar didn’t keep it moving after the initial tackle. He continued to work the body after sweeping him off his feet. Very ugly.

My question is this, how did the guy not turn right around and go back home? His day is very over. Call the boss and tell him that you got attacked by a wild boar in the street and you’re not coming in today. Any boss with an ounce of sympathy in their body is gonna be like, “Totally fine. Take the day off and relax.” And if bossman doesn’t believe him, forward him the video of the assault. Getting attacked by a wild boar on the way to work is like slipping and falling on ice when walking to class in college. Whenever I slipped and fell on ice on my way to class in college I just turned right back around and went home. It’s clear that the universe is against you that day so the best thing to do is to lock yourself in your room and watch Netflix all day. Same goes for a wild boar attack. Get’em tomorrow.