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John Stamos Once Accidentally Masturbated To An Episode Of Fuller House

Have mercy Uncle Jesse! John Stamos went on Busy Tonight and talked about the one time he accidentally masturbated to Fuller House. At the time, his wife was trying to get pregnant so they went to a fertility place and he had to give a sperm sample. Naturally John needed something to get the blood flowing so he threw on the TV and there was an episode of Fuller House playing. I don’t know about you guys but in my opinion the family friendly Fuller House show is not something to masturbate to!

Of course John didn’t finish while Fuller House was on but imagine the headline read “John Stamos Came To An Episode of Fuller House”. That’s a whole other story. I don’t even know what part of the episode he would finish at? The end where they teach everybody a life lesson and then BOOM he cums? I don’t know. But it’s hard not to laugh if you imagine John Stamos ready to go with his dick in hand and then he turns on the TV just to see his lovable nieces, DJ and Stephanie.

The good news is that John Stamos and his wife Caitlin McHugh had a baby 6 months ago so it looks like John finally found something on TV to get him off.