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Milan Lucic Is One Scary Human

Milan Lucic is the last of a dying breed. He’s one of the last guys in the NHL you are truly afraid to play against and it showed tonight against the Tampa Bay Lightning.

Lucic took exception to a hit on his teammate Kris Russell after Russell was hit from behind earlier in the game by Mathieu Joseph. Lucic tracks Joseph down the second he gets on the ice, follows him all the way to the corner, lays him out then gets on top of him and continues to beat his face in.

This is old school hockey right here…I love it. How can you not? No one got hurt and it was some A+ entertainment. Teams need guys like Milan Lucic. Granted the Oilers lost. But it definitely got the people going.

Mathieu Joseph is also a rookie. Can’t be having rookie’s skating around laying people out from behind and then expect no repercussions. Welcome to the league, kid. Now you got to answer to the biggest, baddest mother fucker in the league.

The crazy thing about Lucic was, he was actually the nicest guy on the planet when he came on Spittin’ Chiclets. The only mean thing he said was about NBA players which was very on brand. The guy was an absolute sweet heart though and if I met him off the ice I’d think he wouldn’t hurt a fly.

Was this the cleanest play by Lucic? Probably not. But regardless, I would never fuck with this guy……ever.