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Well, Actually, Jimmy Butler Is The Best Teammate Of All Time

Well, well, well, what do we have here? It sure looks like we have Jimmy Butler being the best teammate of all time if you ask me. I mean, if Jimmy Butler hated the Wolves he wouldn’t have sent Tyus Jones on a chartered plane all for himself. Now, granted, Andrew Wiggins (Kansas) and Karl-Anthony Towns (Kentucky) probably would have liked to go as well, but Jimmy is out here for Tyus. Maybe this is what will turn around the season for Minnesota. Maybe, Thibs and the front office will see this soft side of Jimmy instead of the guy screaming that the Wolves can’t win without him and that will entice them to trade him. That’s what he has to be going for here, right? Just gotta find his way out of Minnesota and now he’s killing them with kindness. Nothing but the best teammate if you ask me.