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After Listening To Joel Embiid Give This Scouting Report On Zion Williamson I'm Shocked The Sixers Didn't Promote Him To GM

What a ridiculously accurate scouting report on Zion Williamson by Joel Embiid. I mean the Sixers could have avoided that whole GM search resulting in Elton Brand getting promoted and just made Embiid a player/GM. Seriously. Spot the lie. Can Zion Williamson jump? Yep. Do you need skills in the NBA? Yep. That’s 2-for-2. Perhaps I’m just a bit in a weird mood as I am sitting here trying to watch every single game possible, but now I’m just daydreaming of Joel Embiid as a player/GM combo. Imagine him negotiating deals with people. It’d be absolutely amazing. Personally, I don’t know how Joel even knows that Zion can jump. I wonder if it was anything from these highlights: