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"It Bothers Us A Lot" Tom Herman And Texas Players Are Incredibly Butt Hurt About The Horns Down Celebration

In the past I have been in the “Texas being good is good for college football.” The thoughts of Ricky Williams and Vince Young pop into my head. That has changed this year. I’m out on Texas. I’m out on Tom Herman.

From a combination of the quote above. To Tom Herman complaining after the game on Saturday:


To the players getting emotional that West Virginia was celebrating on “their” logo:

The Tom Herman era has sucked the joy out of Texas for me.

Was West Virginia disrespectful in their celebrations on Saturday? Sure.

Can you blame them? No. Horns down is the greatest troll celebration in the book. Celebrations are a double-edged sword. Horns up is a great celebration, one of the best in college football, BUT it can get flipped on you. That’s college football/life. Riding high in April….shot down in May. There’s also a great way to make sure the celebration isn’t flipped on you. I’ll give you a hint what it is: it is a 3 letter word and rhymes with fin.

You know who else has been disrespectful on the football field? The multi-million dollar leader of Texas, Tom Herman:


Another one of the Texas players who left on the waaaahmbulance on Saturday was Sam Ehlinger:

SOURCE-“I remember every single team/player that disrespects the rich tradition of the University of Texas by putting the Horns down,” Ehlinger tweeted. “Do not think it will be forgotten in the future.”

Waaaaaahhhhhhhhhh. Texas has turned into the brother who will smack his 5-year-old sister, but the second she smacks back, he goes and cries to mommy. Hey, Sam, remember this?!

I want to like Texas, but I just can’t. Why like the Longhorns when you can be a fan of Dana and the Mountaineers.