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College Basketball Starts Tonight, Gambling Just Got Really Fun

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It is the best time of the year folks. We have College basketball overlapping with College Football. Then you add NFL,NHL and NBA…my god that just sounds expensive. It’s also the best time because the weather is starting to get shitty and you have all the excuses to not breathe any fresh air.

College Basketball is a lot of peoples favorite sport to bet but it can really hurt your wallet.

This won’t happen to me this year, I won’t let it happen. There are always just so many games on and you forget that you are putting money on teenagers. Thats why I love it though, so much shit happens and hopefully you are on the right side of them. College basketball comes in hot with top 10 matchups and the game of the night Duke vs Kentucky. It is a smart move to start with these games, it engulfs all the degenerates and fans during a slow sports night.

You need to be strategic with your bets during the upcoming months. Having to many going at the same time is tough to keep track of and you don’t need more stress. You need to plan the day with maybe a little daytime soccer and tennis. That will bring you to lunch, re-evaluate your early college basketball bets and then dabble into the NBA. This much concentration takes a pro, or just some mental capacity to keep your head on a swivel.