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Breaking Down NFL Schedules Is Pointless But Seriously The Eagles Could Go 16-0


I’m kidding. I think. Looking at NFL schedules and making predictions for next year is as useless as tits on a bull or a Rubik Cube around Vince Young. For example, if you saw Atlanta and Houston on your team’s list last year they were considered tough games. Little did people know the Falcons would be made of glass and Matt Schaub’s arm would complete its morph into Jell-O. There’s far more change from year to year in the NFL than any other sport.

However, simply based on what we know about these squads and barring injuries, the birds legitimately should be in the 10-6/11-5 range. Chalk up 2 automatic divisional losses and well as losing at San Fran. 3 L’s right there. At Indy, at GB, at Ari, and home vs. Car and Sea will be the deciding factors. They go 3-2 in those games then hello 11-5 and most likely another NFC East title.

One thing’s for sure, I love, love, LOVE facing the Cowboys both times late in the year. The more the season goes on, the tighter Romo’s asshole (when it’s not being occupied by Jason Witten, of course).

Let’s get it!