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Diddy Celebrated His 49th Birthday By Skydiving Into The Backyard Of The Playboy Mansion

Folks, that is how you win a break up. Cassie and Diddy recently broke up so they are both in their corners trying to figure out how to one up the other person. This is Diddy’s latest move. Diddy took out his dick and sky dove into the backyard of the Playboy Mansion. He even threw in a, “I’m living my best life” before the jump. “I’m living my best life” is code for, “I just got out of a break up and I want my ex to know I’m having a great time without them.” Few post-break up moves are better than sky diving into the backyard of the Playboy Mansion. How can Cassie even compete with that? She can’t. She just has to concede that Diddy won the break up and move on.

This helps too

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And they weren’t married so Cassie won’t see any of that money. Shout out to Diddy for living his best life.