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This Clip Of Bryson DeChambeau Talking About His Brain Makes Me Wanna Puke


How can anyone be a fan of this guy after that clip? I’m serious. He could’ve been the coolest guy ever up until that clip (which he very much wasn’t) and I’d still be like FUCK THIS GUY. That was the most insufferable clip ever put on the internet. Like, what? What the FUCK is he talking about? A black space? Neurological sensation? WHAT IS GOING ON? It’s so absurd I wanna say he’s trolling us but he’s not. He’s just a big weirdo who I hate. He think it’s so cool and awesome and funny to talk about his brain. It’s not. The media who was in the room for that quote had to wanna punch him square in the nose. I know he’s interesting and golf needs all the interesting people it can get and blah blah blah but there’s gotta be a limit. Bryson giggling about being neurogically comfortable is my limit. I had already reached my limit but this is for sure it.

For real, if the two biggest DeChambeau haters in the world (that would be Frankie Borrelli and me) wrote a script where it was Bryson saying the most douche bag science shit I don’t even think we could come up with the craziness he said in that 48-second clip. He got so lost in the sauce about his own brain that it was stunning. Ass. Hole.