The Lakers Are Officially Trying Too Hard To Get Luke Walton Fired

Like most of you I’m sitting here getting upset that the Packers are refusing to hand the ball to Aaron Jones inside the 3-yard line. Okay, maybe I’m not like most of you. Instead I happened to glance over to TV2 and see this. Umm, excuse me now? People are really trying to question LeBron James as a leader? Uhh, didn’t you hear. Luke Walton’s job was in trouble because of LeBron so now the Lakers are making sure they are doing their best job of trying to get him fired. That’s what a leader does. Get others involved.

I mean, check the box score out if you want. You may see Kawhi having a huge game. Oh, uh, he’s not playing. Well Serge Ibaka was traded for Victor Oladipo once and that guy has 20 points while I blog this. So, that’s a big time thing. Meanwhile the Lakers are just shooting 35% from the field.

Oh, this also came out earlier today. I wonder what drastic means:

Sports, man. They just never make sense.