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Bears Beat Bills As Mitch Trubisky And I Prepare To Board The Titanic II

Great team win. Such a standout game from our DB’s, and make no mistake about it I don’t put that shit on Peterman. This was just our DB’s bullying their WR’s. Fuller, Jackson, and everybody just played with a chip on their shoulder that we need them to have every week.

Offensively I think we were a little sluggish. Maybe the worst the offensive line has looked thus far, but I thought Mitch played well minus the interception that really had no bearing. Hopefully Gabriel is fine and was just a little shaken up. He’s arguably been our offensive MVP and we’re going to need him the rest of the way.

1st place for now…but it’s gut check time with 3 divisional games in a row. Gotta have it.

Bear Down.