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Justin Bieber's "Car Breaks Down" In LA, He Spends An Afternoon In The Hood

Lets just ignore the obvious that Justin Bieber’s care was not “broken down” and he was not stranded in the hood of LA. Whether it was a publicity stunt or just Biebs doing weird Biebs things, I dont know. But there’s no way Bieber was like “Oh no! I’m trapped in Westmont and I cant get out!”

Regardless of the how and the why, what a hilarious scene. When he was sitting in his car hugging his knees with like 4 or 5 locals climbing on the inside of his car I lost it. He looked like Justin Timberlake on the very first Punk’d when Ashton Kutcher was stealing all his shit. Just hugging his knees rocking back and forth. It looked like Chappelle’s Mad Real world come to life. Wouldn’t be surprised if one of those guys fucked Hailey. “Correction! I did have sex with Hailey!”

But after a little while it looked like Biebs settled in and realized he had his Hood Pass on him. Started banging out pushups in the street like he was fucking DMX. Once he started mixing in the claps it was over. Short of doing pull ups at the crosswalk, thats the best way to gain respect in the hood. Push ups. He popped the top of and started playing basketball like he was Hot Sauce or something. Pretending that we havent all seen this video in the gym with some Yes Man before:

Then he busts out the pipes and reminds everyone why hes done tracks with everyone from Chance to Nas to Quavo. Why hes run through Selena and Adriana Lima and why he runs this shit. Took him a while to get settled but once he remembered who he was, Biebs fit right in on the block.

PS – Fantastic work from the camerawoman “OK JUSTIN! OK!” Their commentary is just so goddam funny. The Biebs was like their toy for the day. Like sharks when they toss baby seals in the air. That was the Biebs in LA.