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The "Champ Champ" Daniel Cormier Just Made EASY WORK Of Derrick "The Black Beast" Lewis At UFC 230

Complete and utter domination. That’s how I’d describe the main event of UFC 230, live from Madison Square Garden.

It was a heavyweight title fight that took place in the same spot as the first Joe Frazier vs Muhammed Ali match, and from the get-go, the UFC Heavyweight (and Light Heavyweight) Champion, Daniel Cormier was in control – and that never changed. Feits described it as what a fight between himself and a baby would look like…

…but an important detail to add is that the “baby” in this hypothetical was 264.6lb Derrick Lewis, one of the top heavyweight fighters in the world.

That didn’t matter for Cormier, though. His Olympic-level wrestling helped him prove a point he made on the Knicks’ hardwood earlier this week: there are levels to this game.

…and no matter how great Derrick Lewis may be, no matter how heavy his hands are…he’s just not on DC’s level. Towards the beginning of the second round, a grappling exchange turned into a nightmare for the Beast, and he was wound up tapping out to a rear-naked choke.

After the bout, DC took aim at his next challenger, Brock Lesnar, cutting a PHENOMENAL promo and telling him to take his newly-won Universal Championship with him to the UFC, ’cause the Champ is interested in becoming the Champ Champ Champ.