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Jacare Souza Just Knocked Chris Weidman The Fuck Out In Front Of His Hometown Crowd

Chris Weidman may have been instrumental to legalizing mixed martial arts in New York, but the state hasn’t been quite as kind to him.

Tonight, with a knockout loss to Jacare Souza – his second knockout loss suffered here at Madison Square Garden – Weidman moves to 1-3 in New York (13-1 elsewhere in his professional career), but there’s no world in which he should be ashamed of the performance he just had.

Chris Weidman and Jacare Souza, two of the most legendary grapplers in the history of the sport (Weidman for wrestling, Souza for jiu-jitsu), just stepped into the middle of the octagon and put on an all-out striking WAR.

The All-American won the first, narrowly, stunning Souza with one of the shots he threw…Souza got ahead in the second by unleashing a few relentless barrages on Weidman…and then in the third – the round to decide it all – Souza decided he wasn’t leaving this one to the judges, and threw a thunderous right hand that put the All-American to sleep.

Weidman, who just took a flat-as-a-pancake back-bump and was clearly not here on earth with the rest of us, grabbed Souza’s leg instinctively, and that made Dan Mirgliotta suffer a rare misstep in not stopping this fight when he should’ve. Luckily, things cleared up quickly for Migliotta when Weidman looked at him like he just took a massive rip of Pineapple Express from a cross joint.

…and now, the main event is starting, so I gotta go, but I’ll have more on this instant-classic later on.