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Tonight's Reminder That Mitchell Robinson Is An Alien Sent To Earth To Do Incredible Things On A Basketball Court

Please excuse the random alley oop blog in a game between two 2-6 teams. But I’ve been writing about my three shitty teams for so long, I forgot what it felt like to have some fun while watching sports outside of the occasional Saquon or Odell big play. The Knicks may not win a lot of games this season, but damn they are fun to watch. Pretty much the ideal Knicks game is a back-and-forth with some highlights and big plays by young players that ends in a close loss. They have been pretty damn good at that, with Mitchell Robinson occasionally causing Knicks fans to lose their minds. We don’t have our 7’3″ unicorn or the rookie we gave multiple future MVPs to. But Mitchell Robinson has answered the bell and been the player we can heap a bunch of unreasonable expectations on until the other two come back.

Even the Mavs bench couldn’t hold in their amazement.




I don’t want to say I called the Mitchell Robinson pick being a hit the night of the draft, but I 10000000% called the Mitchell Robinson pick being a hit the night of the draft.