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People Need To Relax Over Last Night's Double Bird Heard Round The World

The Internet and sports world are going bananas over this passionate double flip off to douchetickler Dan Carcillo. “Philly Being Philly”. “Sums Up The City In 4 Seconds”. “Typical Philadelphia Scum”. Screw you Nancy’s. This was a perfectly legitimate response to the situation at hand.

First off, what else are you supposed to do if you were in the flipper’s shoes? Sit in your seat and take it between the pipes like our goalie up the tailpipe? Carcillo was clearly being a dick and initiating dickishness. If you DON’T at minimum pull a double flip off then you’re a first class pussy. If anything the response was too light. Other instant reactions on the talbe: A good ol’ fashion mooning. Punching the glass until it, his hand or dignity shatters. Batteries. The Goat. Each might not have been acceptable, but dammit if they wouldn’t be respected.

If you think this type of behavior is solely limited to Philadelphia then I have a bridge to sell you in Narnia. Every person in every hockey city would react the exact same way. Only exception is if you’re in Canada where they’re mostly too nice to give a Fuck You to your face. Or in LA where they’re not paying attention enough to warrant a reaction anyways.

Happens everywhere. If you’re not flipping you’re not trying.

Have to respect a good bird. It’s the playoffs.

Also, for all you “Take the glass away and see how hard he acts” people, there’s a 50/50 shot he does the exact same thing. The other 50% is he actually attempts to fight Carcillo. Anybody who thinks otherwise doesn’t remember the Tie Domi kerfuffle:

We’re from Philadelphia. A lot of us literally have nothing to lose other than our respect. And even there the well is dry for most.