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A New Trailer For 'True Detective' Season 3 Just Dropped

Oh fuck yeah. Feed it to me. I’m here for any True Detective content that’ll get us further and further away from the train wreck that was TD season 2. I’m ready to move on and trailers like that one for the new season help in a big way. The memory of Vince Vaughn trying to be good in a dramatic role is slowly fading from my memory but it’s not gone completely. I’m getting angry just thinking about it quite honestly. Vince Vaughn was so fucking bad man. Jesus. I know we’re trying to forget but remember how bad he was? Holy shit.

Anyway. That was a pretty standard trailer for a show like True Detective. Nothing groundbreaking but that’s alright. It was dramatic, it showed hints of what the season was gonna be about and it showed the main character dealing with inner and outer turmoil. They checked every box they needed to check for a True Detective trailer. That trailer was a fastball right down the middle. A good little taste as we head into the weekend. I’m excited for January 13th and that’s what matters.